Rory Riggs

Founder & CEO 

Rory Riggs has spent over 15 years developing the underlying theory and applications for the Locus Model, a new approach to organizing business and economic data. This work led to the founding of Locus Analytics, LLC and Syntax, LLC where Rory and his team have developed both the Syntax stratified portfolio/index methodologies for investment securities as well as a new class of technology and applications for economic systems mapping and modeling. Covered by eight approved patents and several pending patents, the Locus technology has enabled a new method of interactive data analytics for business and economic data. Syntax Indices is the first application of the Locus technology to the organization and management of investment securities.

Rory is also the chairman and co-founder of Royalty Pharma, the largest investor in revenue-producing intellectual property; principally, royalty interests in marketed and late-stage development biopharmaceutical products.  In addition, Rory is Chairman and co-founder of Cibus, the leader in non-transgenic plant breeding: its technology is enabling a new precision gene editing approach to plant breeding that promises to move the food industry beyond current GMO (or transgenic) technologies. 

During his career, Rory has been involved in the creation and management of many successful technology related companies including: Royalty Pharma; Fibrogen, Inc.Cibus, LLC; Sugen, Inc.; and, eReceivables, Inc. He served as the president and director of Biomatrix Corporation (NYSE:  BXM) from 1995 until its sale to Genzyme Corporation in December 2000.  Rory oversaw the global launch of Biomatrix’s lead product, Synvisc.  Rory received a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from Columbia University.