Locus Orange

The orange is a helpful example to demonstrate the fact that common systems can be identified based on their shared attributes regardless of their divergent names, environments or outward appearances. Orange, portakal, naranja, apelsin and various other words around the world all mean orange: the tasty (and sometimes not so tasty) citrus with an orange peel and pulpy flesh. Despite all of the different words for the fruit, there is one special fact about the can be found in any country around the world! And even though the texture, leaf color, size etc. may look a little different because it grew contextualized to its environment, the orange will still be the same citrus with the peelable parts that most of us have grown up eating.

 In science, it is commonplace to identify something based on specific underlying linked attributes that are part of a set of general attributes. In fact, in genomics, a specific phenotype is based on a single or groups of linked locations in a system of finite genetic locations. The Locus Model is a coordinate based model of economic activity that enables us the identify components of an economic system based on single or groups of linked locations in a system of finite functional locations associated with economic activity. This is what we mean when we say that the Locus Model, its Functional Classification System and Functional Information System represent a scientific approach to business and economic classification.


That is why the orange is the logo of Locus Analytics. The orange represents economies and the firms and jobs they contain. Their specific environment shapes each; but at the core they are all economic systems, providing products and services we use to live our lives. Like the oranges, economic systems may be big companies, or small mom-and-pop shops; they may be in high-tech or rural farming environments; they may be global urban centers or local manufacturing centers. Despite these differences, they all fulfill common functions recognizable by their common attributes and familiar to us wherever we travel.